Ways to Overcome Slow HP, Guaranteed to Run Smoothly Again!

Ways to Overcome Slow HP, Guaranteed to Run Smoothly Again!

Having a smart phone, but slowing down, will certainly be one of the triggers for emotions. Especially when there is a lot of work that cannot be handled if you don’t use a cellphone. Therefore, the strategy and how to overcome slow HP must be correct and precise. If not, then your phone’s performance will not work optimally.

It doesn’t take a lot of time, you can do some tricks to overcome a slow phone below at home. Before discussing it, Qoala has summarized some of the points that are the cause of the slowness of the following phones. Causes of Slow HPPhoto source: MIA Studio via Shutterstock

There are several causes that make the phone quite heavy to use. This cause occurs due to internal and external factors of the phone. What are the main factors of cellphone chemo that often occur? Here’s the full review.1. Full Internal Memory

Phones that have full internal memory will tend to work slower. This is because there is too much load on it, which makes the phone’s performance decrease. One way to overcome a slow cellphone because of this is to use external memory outside the phone.

External memory will help back up data for photos, media, or others. Like a guest room in a house, external memory can hold some important materials and materials without compromising the main purpose of storage. You can also move photo data from your phone to your laptop or other media, reducing your phone’s performance to lighter.2. Installed Applications Do Not Match Storage Capacity

Overdoing the app will also reduce the speed of the phone. We recommend that you customize the phone’s unused built-in apps so as not to increase the weight of its performance. Disable some built-in apps that you don’t need. The fewer apps you use, the lighter your phone is to access things.

Apps that are widely activated but not used will accumulate and suck up the internal memory. This will make the phone slower and slower to move. Therefore, you should be quite wise in determining the most important applications that will be embedded in the phone so as not to reduce its performance.3. Decreased Battery Performance

In general, smart phones will be at their maximum point after 2-3 years of use. The battery will heat up faster, as well as its performance decreases. This can be caused by the charge process being too long or waiting for the battery to drain completely and then recharged.

The way to overcome a slow and hot cellphone because it has been used for too long is to make sure that you can simply rest your phone. Recharge it when the battery number already shows 25%. Especially for mobile phone users who are used in the Online Shop. Make sure the performance is good enough to be able to serve customers optimally, yes!4. RAM Degradation & Flash Storage Memory

RAM and Flash Storage memory will also decrease with the length of phone usage. It’s better not to use and open heavy applications when your phone’s RAM capacity is small enough. The degradation of RAM and Flash Storage Memory will greatly affect the access speed of your phone.

It’s a good idea to choose a phone with RAM that suits your needs. If it is used for online shopping, choose a large RAM to be more spacious to accommodate images and supporting applications. If it’s only used for personal gain and isn’t related to work, you can use a phone with a small RAM, so it doesn’t require a large space for storage.5. Installed Operating System Is Not Compliant

Paying attention to the required operating system is one way to overcome slow HP after being upgraded. No need to download games that you never played. Maximize performance according to capacity and needs only. That way, your phone will be far from slow and slow when used. How to Solve Slow and Hot HPPhoto source: bdavid32 via Shutterstock

Some tips that you can try to reduce slowness and heat on your phone are as follows.1. Pay Attention to Memory Capacity

Xiaomi brand phones are one of the durable smartphones . However, if the memory capacity is not directly proportional to RAM, then the cellphone will lag too . The easy way to overcome Xiaomi’s slow cellphone is to continue to pay attention to use. If you do this, the access speed will undoubtedly be better.

If the data you have is already in storage, empty it immediately and move it to a larger container. This will reduce the chances of your phone slowing down because the capacity space has been enlarged, so that the phone can ‘breathe’ better and not slow down.2. Use One Antivirus App

Samsung phones are one of the gadgets that provide many built-in applications in it. This leads to the melting of the phone when used. Not infrequently, users will use several antivirus applications to avoid it. In fact, this is actually very wrong.

One way to overcome Samsung’s slow cellphone is to activate one antivirus application. This is necessary to ward off various malware that can enter from the device being accessed. There’s no need to download a lot of antivirus apps if it’s just going to increase the access load on your beloved Samsung phone.3. Always Update Software so that HP Does Not Slow Down

The software in the application will always undergo updates. Not just one or two apps, almost all access will do the same. This is intended to make it easier for you to get the latest information about the downloaded application.

Hobby of playing games on mobile phones? Gaming applications that are based online will consume a lot of RAM and memory. No wonder when playing it, usually the phone will hang easily. The way to overcome slow cellphones when playing games is to update the software for these applications and games .

You can check the Settings – About – System Update section, then select Check for Update. This also applies to the games you download on your phone. The update will ease the phone’s movement more freely because the reset system is more updated.4. Delete Infrequently Used Apps

The wide selection of apps in the Play Store will be interesting to use. This will likely make you kalap to install it, even though it is not used. Too many unimportant apps will make it easier for the phone to hang. One way to overcome slow cellphones that can be a solution is to delete applications that are rarely used.5. Clear Cache Periodically

Just as a house would feel claustrophobic because of a lot of things, so would a cell phone. One tip to relieve a home of many things is to move it to another, more spacious place. This is also true of mobile phones.

Instead, get rid of caches that are likened to temporary items to places where they won’t be seen again. Periodically clear the cache , once every few hours. This will relieve the slow power of the phone due to the large number of ‘items’ being accommodated. This can be one way to overcome slow and slow-to-operate cellphones.

How? You can go to the Settings – Apps – All menu, then look for the application to be cleaned, click Clear Cache. In addition to this method, you can do cleaning by entering the Setting – Storage – Cached Data Menu, then select OK when a pop up appears.6. Use a Versatile App

To overcome a phone that is starting to lose performance, you can use a versatile application. If an antivirus will help you spot malware, it’s different from a versatile app that will help you detect the cause of your phone’s slowness. Two apps that will help you are App2SD App and Clean Master. Here is a detailed explanation.a. Apps2SD App

You can use this application as a way to overcome a slow cellphone when your phone has not been rooted. From this one application you will get several functions at once such as maximizing the SD Card partition, being able to backup applications, getting application links to memory cards, and much more. Clean Master

This application will be useful for overcoming the slow use of a cellphone when it has not been rooted. Clean master will help to better clean up the ‘junk’ of the phone. You can click on this application periodically and regularly. Not only that, Clean Master will be useful for detecting and relieving hot temperatures on your phone, so it is very suitable for you to use as a multipurpose application.7. Take Advantage of the Auto Kill Feature

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