10 Ways to Overcome the Most Powerful Slow Android Phone

10 Ways to Overcome the Most Powerful Slow Android Phone

Excessive use of applications on Android phones sometimes makes it slow. If this is the case, the ease of communication will be hindered. Come on, find out how to overcome a slow Android phone that is the most powerful below. Causes of Slow Android Phones
The Android phones we use often decrease in performance and become slow.

This is due to the following:Because there are too many downloads of applications that make the capacity of Random Access Memory (RAM) and the internal memory of the Android phone full.Because the RAM capacity is too small and does not match your current usage.The size of the application and the data in it are so large, it takes up your cellphone’s memory space . Especially if the application is not cleared its cache regularly. So that the application runs continuously without being turned off.

How to Solve a Slow Android Phone

If you find a slow cellphone, you don’t need to immediately think about changing your cellphone. Just do some ways to overcome this slow Android phone, yes.

1. Clear Cache Regularly

The first way to overcome a slow Android phone is to clean the cache regularly. Cache is a temporary storage of data on an application that helps reduce the loading process when the application is reopened.
Chace can be cleaned through the cache cleaner application that you can download on the Play Store. Or go to HP Settings, click On App Settings, then Clear Data or Data Cache .
The right time to clear the cache is when your Android phone is no longer used (for example, just before you go to bed).

2. Stop The App From Running

Then, you can also improve the performance of your Android phone by turning off running applications. This is useful for cleaning RAM space which gives the effect of anti-slow HP performance.
To do this, go to Hp Settings or Settings, go to the Memory or Apps menu, then select Disable.

3. Add an External Memory Card Slot

If the internal memory on the cellphone is full of several applications and other data, then the way to overcome a slow Android phone that you can do is add an external memory card slot.
After inserting the external memory card, you can move the application storage and data on the memory card. Such as photos or videos, and screenshot data that usually takes up memory space.
Next, you can change the file storage settings in the application to that external memory directly. For example, set your phone’s camera photo storage settings to external memory automatically.

Then how can you free up android internal storage? there are several ways that you can do, including:Clear cache how to open the settings > storage > tap on Cached Data > Clear Cached Data ? press OKUninstall Apps that are rarely or even never used, usually built-in apps Click here to see how.Delete Downloaded Files how to open the download > select the file you want to delete > deleteMove personal diles like photos and music into the microSD

4. Choose a Much-Needed Application

You also need to sort applications as a way to overcome a slow Android phone. Sometimes, we overuse the app unnoticed. In fact, the application is rarely used.
Therefore, there is nothing wrong with uninstalling or uninstalling applications that are not really needed. That way, the Android phone’s memory will have more storage space left.

5. Use Multipurpose and Lite Applications

If deleting unused applications is difficult, then you can replace them by using the same application but in the lite version or a smaller amount of memory. For example, the photo editing app Photo Grid which has a lite version named Photogrid Lite.
Then, also use applications that have many functions aka multipurpose. Now, Instagram social media already has a lot of filters to make videos and photos better.
So you no longer need to download other video and photo filter applications. You can also take photos with various filters and immediately upload them on the social media. (Also Read: How to Track a Lost Android Phone Easily and Accurately)

6. No Need for Antivirus

Many consider Android phones to be slow because of the virus that attacks them. In fact, if the cellphone is rarely connected to other unknown gadgets , then it is unlikely that there is a virus. So, actually, Android phones don’t need anti-viruses.
You only need to use one anti-virus application which is usually installed directly as the default application of the cellphone.

7. HP Software Updates

Software update notifications that you often ignore turn out to make the performance of android phones so slow. Yes, software that is automatically updated has increased features that cause hp performance to be even better.
Therefore, there is nothing wrong with regularly updating the software once the latest version is available.

8. Reduce Widgets

Widgets or software applications that make it easy for users to access the application without having to open it (quick view and use). Yes, the widget is installed on the main menu of the Android phone. For example, clock widgets, Google widgets, the latest weather widgets in the Weather application, and so on.
Reducing widgets that are not too necessary is also a way to overcome a slow Android phone.

9. Turn Off Auto Update Apps

The basic settings on an Android phone always update all applications automatically. In addition to sucking up internet quota, cellphone memory will also run out faster. Because the latest version of the application is usually bigger and bigger.
Well, you can apply how to overcome a slow Android phone, namely by turning off the auto-update of applications. Just try to check the application settings on your Android phone.

10. Return to Factory Settings

If you have done all the ways to overcome an Android phone that is slow above but does not work, then reset it back to factory settings (factory reset). However, it should be noted that a factory reset will erase all data and applications.
So it’s a good idea to back up the data first.
A slow Android phone is better for you to replace it with a new one. Have your dream cellphone with a credit card that facilitates installments. Come on, compare and apply for credit card products according to your needs through CekAja.com.More like this.


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