9 Tricks on how to deal with a slow android smartphone 

9 Tricks on how to deal with a slow android smartphone

how to deal with a slow and slow android smartphone ~ how to deal with a slow android is actually very easy and easy, maybe there are some friends who may not know about this method. A common problem that occurs on android smartphones is that android performance is not optimal due to the accumulation of memory size files which causes the performance of the andorid smartphone to be unstable aka slow.

Booting RAM is very long, slow loading slow and slow often makes andorid users upset, because they are very disturbed by it. Now in response to this, there are causal factors as well as ways to overcome the slow andorid. Here are tips and how to overcome a slow android so that the performance of your Android phone remains in a stable state. how to solve a slow android smartphone

1. Smart in choosing an android smartphone

Smart in choosing an Android smartphone means to be smart in choosing a smartphone because there are some people who only care about the brand without at all looking at the space inside the cellphone, the brand can be high and classy but the space that must be prioritized such as the speed of Hertzs every smartphone RAM and ROM space of each smartphone must also be considered properly,because this is one of the vital factors whether the android is slow or not.

Why is that?? If the available space such as internal and external memory is only 2 MB while the average installed application exceeds the RAM limit then it is very unlikely that the Smartphone works as expected and of course android will be very slow and unfriendly. So my advice is to be smart in choosing a smartyphone

2.Remove unnecessary Apps

Well in this case there are many sekli of those who have installed applications that are only disposable but are lazy to delete them, because it is likely to be used one day in the future, it is true and there is absolutely no harm, I mean here if the application is only used once it is better for you to delete it first and install it at some time if needed,
Now applications that are not needed will only make the smartphone slow and slow because some of the RAM and ROM sensors have used space for the application and this obviously has an impact on the performance of android itself.

3. Clear the cache that is in Memory

every activity carried out on an Android phone will partly become a cache. and the cache itself aims as a temporary memory storage on our Android smartphones, but the cache will always continue to grow in our andorid smartphone phones. Well obviously it is not a factor that occurs in the slowness or not of the android smartphone caused by a full memory cache.then you should delete the cache. Clearing the cache can be done with an application or by manual method directly from your Android phone.

4. Remove useless widgets.

Widgets are indeed very necessary in android in terms of appearance, but all of that must also be considered, beautifying the appearance on the cellphone is highly recommended but if it is excessive the impact will be very bad on the smartphone we use, therefore to avoid this use only the necessary widget widgets, which are not needed then you should just delete it.

5. Avoid using the app at the same time

sometimes in using a smartphone we often forget or even switch one application to another without closing or closing the application first. or in one case you often run several applications at once at the same time, well here is a factor that greatly affects our Android phone is slow or not, well to avoid this close unused applications if you want to run other applications, you should first close the applications that have been used.

6. Set up the synchronization of connected applications

Pay attention to the entire synchronization of applications connected to the internet, unconsciously sometimes users andorid do not know this which causes sometimes the software updates themselves or other application applications that are unconsciously downloaded by themselves. well to avoid this from happening then you should pay attention to application applications that are automatically connected to the internet.

7. Use the required brightness intensity

Use the brightness intensity on the cellphone as appropriate if you are sitting in a bright light, you should dim the light, because in addition to being able to waste the RAM battery works very quickly when it is increased by a very bright light intensity, but again if you use auto brightness then you should avoid this.

So that the storage space of your Android smartphone increases, you must install micro SD memory on your cellphone in addition to increasing the capacity of the room of this alternative cellphone can also be used as a storage medium for file files with a very large size.

8. Don’t stack chats and SMS

Well the accumulation of historical chats or sms can cause our android smartphone to be slow and slow, because avoid the accumulation of SMS that is too excessive so that the performance of your Android phone is not slow and the performance remains stable Well above are the steps and how to overcome a slow and slow Android smartphone, thus this tutorial hopefully helps

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