How to Overcome Slow Android Easily and Not Complicated

How to Overcome Slow Android Easily and Not Complicated

Android smartphones are often used by the community to communicate with family and family. But who would have thought that this smartphone also often experiences problems such as slowness. So someone needs to know what the cause is and how to deal with slow android easily and not complicated. Causes of Slow Android Smartphones
As previously discussed that android type smartphones sometimes have a problem which is slow when used.

However, there are still many users who do not know what is the cause. Therefore, the following is a complete explanation of the things that cause android smartphones to slow down:

1. Full Android Storage Space

The storage capacity of each smartphone certainly has a limit. When it reaches the limit, the storage space of the smartphone becomes full and makes the smartphone slow down.

The full storage space on smartphones is due to the large number of files that have been saved by the user. The files in question such as photos, videos, applications, and so on. It is highly recommended that if you store files, you should look at the storage capacity provided by the smartphone. If the provisioned storage capacity is not too large, then do not store files that have a large capacity. This makes the performance of android smartphones slow or slow when used by users.

2.  The Number of Applications That Are Run

Although it has many applications downloaded on smartphones, users should not run them all at once. If the user opens or runs the application in large quantities at the same time, it certainly makes the smartphone slow. This also makes the RAM capacity provided by the smartphone can be drained.

Therefore, users should close some applications that have been opened but not used. In addition, there are built-in applications that cannot be deleted even if they are not used. To reduce the RAM capacity used by such built-in applications is to disable their applications through settings.

3. Overusing Widgets

Widgets can be interpreted as views for applications that are mini and can be embedded in other applications. Other applications in question such as the main screen of the smartphone which will later receive updates or updates regularly. In addition, this widget can usually be found on the display at the beginning of the screen of the Android smartphone owned.

This widget is another term for an application that can be opened only through the main screen display. In addition, widgets that are used excessively can be the cause of slow smartphones and make the battery drain quickly. Therefore, users should limit the use of the number of widgets so as not to cause the android smartphone to slow down.

4. The Sheer Number of Application Cache Stacks

Cache can be interpreted as residual garbage when the user runs the application contained on the smartphone. Although this cache is only temporarily stored on the phone’s memory, it does not rule out the possibility of making the storage space full. Because indeed the content of this cache is a track record at the time of using the application.
If the application cache accumulates, the storage space becomes full and makes the smartphone slow when used.

To avoid this, users should periodically clear the cache and it can be manually deleted. Where the way to manually clear the cache is to go to the smartphone settings and select the application. How to Solve It?
The cause of android smartphones becoming slow is indeed only caused by small things that are rarely known. So what if the cause has already occurred on a smartphone? One should not worry if the cause occurs on android because it is still being addressed. Here is an explanation related to how to overcome slow android easily:

1. Using an Antivirus App

Antivirus applications are very mandatory to download on android because they have many benefits provided for smartphones. One of the benefits is that it can overcome slow android smartphones when used by users later. However, the antivirus application to be used should only be one so that it does not take up a lot of storage space.

2. Remove Unused Apps

The number of applications on Android is indeed the cause of slow android. Therefore, delete applications that are not used so that they are not wasteful of storage space. The way to delete this application is to go to the settings, applications, then select the application to be deleted. But before deleting the application data and uninstall the application.

3. Disable Auto Update

By enabling the auto update feature for the application, it automatically performs updates to existing applications. This has a bad influence on android because it can make it slow. So by disabling this feature is one way to overcome slow android easily through the settings menu.

That’s a brief explanation related to what is the cause of androids becoming sluggish. In addition to the causes, how to overcome slow androids are also explained so that it can be done if you have a slow android. Indeed, this method that can be done is quite easy and does not take a long time. That way, android will not be slow when used later.

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