10 Ways To Overcome A Slow Android Phone To Get Back To Normal

10 Ways to Overcome Slow Android to Make It Faster

As android smartphone users, of course, we hope that the performance will always be maximized. Because when viewed in terms of user experience, there are still many who complain that their Android feels slow and hot.
Naturally, because it’s not just Android phones that experience this kind of thing, computer devices can also be slow if used for a certain period of time.

So what causes an Android phone to feel so slow? here are some of the most common factors that cause android smartphones to feel slow:Low hardware capabilities, such as RAM, CPU, and so onMultitaskingFull memoryA buildup of junk files occurredInfected with a virus or malwareAnd many others
Then what should we do to make androids faster? In this post, Konyoha.com will share tips on how to overcome slow android to make it feel faster like new again.

You can apply it to all brands and types of Android such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, Advan, Huawei, and others.

Note: I have tried this tip using my own android smartphone, and the results are very satisfying and proven to speed up android.

1. Clean Junk and Cache Files Regularly

The most basic thing you should do regularly is to clean up junk files and app cache. Cache is a file generated by the application that we run and stored in memory so that the application can be accessed faster. While junk files or junk files are leftover files left by applications that have been deleted.

How to clean it is very easy, you can use applications or without applications. If you don’t want to bother cleaning them one by one manually, you can use one of the 10 best junk cleaning apps on Android that can be downloaded for free.

2. Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe cache partition is a facility provided on all androids that can be accessed through recovery mode. Its function is to clean cache files from processes run by the system. So, it’s not just applications that generate cache files, the android system also needs cached files so that the android boot process becomes faster.

To wipe cache partition you have to enter recovery mode. Usually each android brand has its own way to access it. Please search on Google how to enter recovery mode according to your brand and type of android. You can do it at least once a month.

3. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Too many applications installed on android will certainly cause the memory to become full, besides that it will also drain the RAM and CPU rations, causing the android to slow down. This is one of the factors often experienced by android users.

For that you need to relieve android storage by deleting unnecessary applications, for example factory-built applications that are almost useless. If your default android apps can’t be deleted, you can follow the tutorial on how to delete android apps that can’t be deleted.

4. Use the Lite Version of the App

There are a lot of Lite versions of applications that we can download on the Google Play Store. For example, Facebook Lite, YouTube Go, Clean Master Lite, Messenger Lite and many more. Calculate to save storage, RAM, CPU. Because the Lite version of the application is usually intended for smartphones that have low specifications.

5. Use a Versatile App

The next tip you can do to overcome slow android is to use a versatile application. Instead of installing many applications, it is better for us to install one application that provides many features in it. For example, the Clean Master application which not only functions to clean junk files, but there are also antivirus features, application lockers, battery savers, cleaning RAM, application backups, and others. Not bad for saving RAM and internal memory usage.

6. Use the Auto Kill Feature

The auto kill feature is usually already provided by several smartphone vendors. Its function is to prevent certain applications from running automatically in the background. Of course, this feature can overcome slow android because RAM and CPU usage can be minimized. But unfortunately not all types of smartphones provide this feature. For that you need to install the auto kill application on the Google Play Store.

7. Root Your Android Smartphone

By getting android root access, we are free to do cool things that ordinary androids can’t do. For example, modifying the appearance, deleting built-in applications, moving applications to the internal memory, speeding up android performance, and much more.

But it is very important for us to know that rooting an android can cause the forfeiture of the smartphone warranty. But if you still want to root, you can read the tutorial on how to root android all brands without PC.

8. Just Use One Antivirus

For some people, android antivirus is a mandatory application that must be installed to avoid virus attacks. But sometimes unconsciously we have installed two or more antiviruses on android. The impact will certainly drain RAM, CPU and memory because basically antivirus applications work in the background continuously. For that we just need to install one of the best antivirus applications. You can choose one of the 10 Best and Lightweight Antivirus Apps For Android.

9. Always Update Applications and Update the System

If application updates and android system updates are available, do so immediately. Because updating it provides many benefits. In addition to the addition of new features, the update will also fix system errors or bugs so that our android smartphone becomes safer and more stable.

10. Reduce The Use of Widgets and Animations

One of the causes of slow Android phones is the excessive use of animations and widgets. The animation in question is a live wallpaper or a moving wallpaper. Indeed, it can beautify the appearance of the Android screen. But the use of live wallpaper will drain a lot of RAM. Likewise with widgets, just use the necessary widgets such as clocks, calendars, and some other lightweight widgets so that the android phone does not slow down.

11. Do Not Use Launcher

In fact, Launcher is a software that functions to replace the factory’s default UI to make it look more beautiful. In addition, there is also a launcher that adds cool features that were not available before. But behind the beauty and cool features offered, the fact is that Launcher will drain a lot of RAM. For those of you who have 1 GB ram and below, it is highly recommended not to use Launcher.

12. Perform a Factory Reset

If you have done all the methods above and your Android smartphone still feels slow and heavy, it could be that your cellphone has been infected with a very severe virus, or other system problems. The most powerful step in how to overcome slow android is to do a factory reset.

Factory reset will erase all data that is in the phone’s memory and other settings. So that your Android smartphone will get faster and feel like new again. You can read more about how to Factory Reset Android Easily and Safely.

13. Use a Custom ROM

Usually, smartphone vendors will embed unnecessary applications on factory-built ROMs. This will certainly make androids slow down and wasted memory usage. To make your Android phone fresh, you can install a Custom ROM.
Currently there are a lot of Android Custom ROMs that you can get for free. One of them that is popular today is Lineage OS. By using a custom ROM you will not find junk applications in it, so the smartphone will feel fresher and faster.

By doing all the tips above, it is guaranteed that your Android smartphone will not be slow anymore and faster than usual. If this article on how to overcome slow android is useful in your opinion, please share it to your social media accounts. Good luck! 🙂

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